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Benefits of the Location

Benefits of the Location


The Industrial Logistics Complex Siberia CLIS offers its users a strategic geographic location.

  • Located outside Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Approximately 150 meters from the Siberia Round Point , via Cota.
  • 6 kilometers away from Calle 80 Transmilenio Gate, starting point for many intermunicipal bus routes.
  • At the center of the west axis of the city, equidistant from the North and the South side of the city .
  • Centered at the beginning of the future Ruta del Sol, road heading to the Caribbean Coast and connecting with Santander, Antioquia and Urabá.
  • The New International Airport of Bogotá and the subscription of the Commerce Trade Agreement, have made this area :
    • A new pole of development of the area
    • A great chain of storage, logistics, transportation, and distribution.



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